Meetly is a meeting notes automation tool that is powered by your calendar. The Meetly App extension allows users to take more elaborate meeting notes and access those notes inside

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How Meetly works

Meetly connects to your Google or Microsoft calendar and pulls in all of your meetings. Any notes you take in Meetly have to be attached to a meeting in your calendar, and you can't create or delete meetings in Meetly. Everything is controlled by your calendar. If you want to add, remove or change a meeting, go to your calendar, make the changes, then those changes will automatically be reflect in Meetly. (To learn more, check out the How Meetly Works article.)

How Meetly works inside

The Meetly App for is a separate board view that allows you to take free-form notes inside After you have added the Meetly view to a board, you will have to manually choose which meetings in your calendar should be associated with this board. Once you've added meetings to a board, you can then click on a meeting to start entering notes in that meeting's "workspace".

What is a Meetly "workspace"

A workspace is a collection of cards that keep your meeting notes organized. A workspace cannot exist on it's own. Meetly will create one for each of the meetings that you add to a board.

By default, every workspace will have a card for agenda items and a card for taking free-form notes. You can added additional cards to a meeting. You can also create reusable templates that you can apply to an entire series of meetings to save time and keep your notes consistent.

How to add the Meetly Notes view to a board in

You'll want to add Meetly as a view to your board by clicking on the </> Apps option from the + Add View dropdown:

Once you're in the Views Center, look for the Meetly app and click "Add View":

Sign in to Meetly with your Google or Microsoft account

After you have added the Meetly View, you'll need to sign in to Meetly with your Google or Microsoft account and grant Meetly access to your calendar.

Add meetings to a board

Add the meetings that you want associated with this board.

Visit a meeting's workspace

After you've added meetings to a board, click on a meeting to start taking notes.

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